Website UNBLOCK Request

Note: Some websites are automatically blocked. Most of the sites are "free" website companies that host pornography or do not adequately police the content of their customers. These websites will be blocked until a request is made to review and unblock particular pages within the site.

Please follow the instructions carefully:

1. Please review the types of websites that are blocked, click here.

2. If you are reporting a CHAT website blocked, click here.

3. Enter the complete URL you are requesting unblocked - example: ( (mandatory)
(note: you may right click on the URL and "copy," then right click and "paste" for accuracy)


4. Enter your ClearSail.NET or Family.NET eMail Address: (mandatory)

(No request will be accepted without a ClearSail.NET or Family.NET address)

5. Comments: (optional)

Thank you.